National Museum of Contemporary Art

Before I had to rush off to Trondheim I had just enough time to drop by the National Museum of Contemporary Art. The museum is currently undergoing some external renovations but otherwise seems to be fine. Again this is another small art museum in Oslo. It only has two floors and I was given the impression that the ground floor is used for temporary exhibits while the second floor contains more permanent pieces of artwork. It took me about an hour to work my way through the whole museum.

IMG_1759  IMG_1766  IMG_1764

I admit that this was the first time I had ever tried using any sort of gramophone so I had fun playing around with it.

Most of the modern art on the ground floor was a bit beyond my comprehension, but I enjoyed a number of the works on the top floor. Some of the artists on display included Karl Holmqvist, Tomory Dodge, Kerry James Marshall, and Marlene Dumas. I think that I would have appreciated the museum a bit more if there was a tour that I could have taken, but at the price of 30 NOK I was still pretty happy with my visit.

IMG_1769  IMG_1765  IMG_1770 Overall I had a really fabulous time in Oslo and look forward to the next time I get to visit. Believe it or not there are still some Oslo museums on my bucket list.