In Betweens & My Apartment (?)

I am officially on my own. My parents have left me to my fate. In other words, while they bravely tried to figure out the airport bus I initiated a stare down with my stove. Needless to say the stove won, but I suppose I did too since I managed to cook for myself (and no I have not been living off of ramen). Here is photographic evidence for the disbelievers:


Anyways, I am now living at one of NTNU’s international student villages, Moholt, and so far so good. It’s conveniently located next to two major grocery chains and about a 20-30 minute walk from two of NTNU’s campuses. It’s also less than a five minute walk away from the bus stop and I’ve come to realize that I can more or less just use the 5 bus to get to anywhere I need to be. I have three roommates, Andrea, Nicole, and Ridwan. Andrea is from Italy and loves to cook so he’s promised to help improve my cooking. He even let me help him make spring rolls from scratch.

IMG_0323    IMG_0324

Nicole is from Brazil and always up for anything, and Ridwan is from Bangalesh.

Although my room is pretty comfortable right now it’s a bit strange for me to think of it as home. Most of this derives from the fact that I have no idea what to call it. My place is similar to a dorm room in that it came with standard dorm room furniture (woo twin xl), but it feels slightly more like an apartment because I have a kitchen/living room and am paying for rent and utilities out of my own pocket. Overall I suppose that this space also reflects the in between position that I’ve been put in with the Fulbright. I’m not quite a “real person” since I only work part time, and I’m not quite a student either. Then again this year is about working in gray zones and pushing myself in new ways so here’s to making this new place home.

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