Off To Bergen

If I haven’t mentioned this before, I am a HUGE Lonely Planet fan. I am the kind of traveller who reads all of Lonely Planet, takes notes, and then packs it with her on the eventual trip. Lonely Planet is basically my travel Bible. If you have ever had the pleasure of opening a Lonely Planet guidebook, you know that pretty much the first thing you will read is a list of top experiences in your travel country. One of the many reasons why I was really excited for my roundabout journey to Trondheim was that I would be experiencing at least four of this top experiences on my trip. Today that experience was the Oslo-Bergen Railway, or a seven hour train journey from Oslo to Bergen. Now I know that a seven hour trip sounds insane, especially when a flight between the two cities would take less than an hour, but it is often called one of the most beautiful train rides in the world (and as of right now I’m inclined to agree).

IMG_3671   IMG_3676   IMG_3678   IMG_3704IMG_3729   IMG_3705

Yup, those seven hours didn’t look too bad at all. In other exciting news, I am now in Bergen! Bergen is Norway’s second biggest city and is surrounded by mountains and fjords, in other words it is beautiful. Because we got in late I can’t really report much else, but here are a few more pics.

IMG_0120   IMG_0135  IMG_0125

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