New Chapters

To be perfectly honest, I never thought that blogging would be something that I would pursue. Ever since I entered college, establishing a fixed schedule seemed near impossible between all of my extra curricular activities, classes, meetings, readings, essays, and problem sets. Because my schedule was so erratic, I never thought that I would be able to blog regularly, which in my mind defeated the purpose of a blog. Blogging was always something that friends of mine did. I used blogs to keep up to date with friends, to amuse myself, or to think about the world in new ways. It wasn’t until an email entitled “Fulbright Application Status” appeared in my inbox that I ever seriously entertained the thought of blogging–which I suppose brings me to today.

Today is my first blog post. It seems like a small accomplishment amidst all that is going on around me. This week and the weeks that follow it will be filled with many “lasts”. My last final, my last Sunday brunch, my last shift at work, etc. As the “lasts” pile up, my schedule has wound down, and my iCal has stopped looking like a rainbow of events. Now procrastination has turned into free time. What once seemed like an impossible commodity is now a common good. In other words, I lost my main excuse to not blog.

So why blog? Well, as I hinted at earlier, I received a huge shock in March when I won a Fulbright to Norway. I want this blog to be a way for me to stay in touch with people and let them know that I have yet to freeze to death or be eaten by polar bears. Joking aside, I also wanted to continue a great tradition that was started by former Norway English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) Leah and Hannah. Their blogs helped me when applying for the Fulbright and are treasure troves of knowledge. I hope to pay that knowledge forward to future ETAs with my own blog.

So here’s to next year. Here’s to new chapters, new adventures, to new friends and old.

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